Clone Software

Fiverr Clone

Fiverr is a site where different people meet and earn money, the demands of a user are fulfilled by the other users, in just $5. The users register to the site and post their gigs (that is the tasks that they can perform for a sum of $5), the gigs are posted under various categories like Fun & Bizarre , Graphics, Social Marketing, Writing, Advertising, Music & Audio, Tips & Advice, Business, Technology, Programming and others.Read More

Groupon Clone

Groupon has taken the Internet world by storm since its launch in 2008, it is just a platform for collective action. It is made for people to enjoy the great things in their community. The concept is very simple, each day all the subscribers are emailed a single fantastic deal. It could be deep discounts on food, entertainment, places to stay or things to buy. . Since Groupon launched, it has been featured on just about every major media channel in the Western world, and has caught the attention of Entrepreneurs around the world who are looking to create a Groupon clone with their own unique spin or twist. Read More

Swoopo Clone

PHPSHOPPY Swoopo Clone Software is an auction site on the internet, it combines e-commerce and entertainment. Here first a user has to buy Bids, then he can bid on a particular product.Generally, high value items attract more bidders, and therefore require more bids to win the auction because there's more competition. Now, from time to time everyone will assume this, and you may be able to walk away with a brand new product for just a few bids or sometimes even a single bid. Read More

Penny Auctions

PHPSHOPPY Penny Auction is a type of auction in which participants get benefit by placing the bids, it combines e-commerce and entertainment. When time expires, the last participant who has placed a bid wins the item and also pays the final bid price, which is usually significantly lower than the retail price of the item.Read More