Penny Auctions
  • User Registration Module
  • The safe and secure, paypal integration module
  • A secure process to make the administrator login to the site.
Penny Auctions

PHPSHOPPY Penny Auction is a type of auction in which participants get benefit by placing the bids, it combines e-commerce and entertainment. When time expires, the last participant who has placed a bid wins the item and also pays the final bid price, which is usually significantly lower than the retail price of the item.

  • Description

Generally, high value items attract more bidders, and therefore require more bids to win the auction because there's more competition. Now, from time to time everyone will assume this, and you may be able to walk away with a brand new product for just a few bids or sometimes even a single bid.

There are three modes of users viz. The general user(Visitor), The registered user, and the administrator.

The visitor is able to watch all the posted bids, register with the site through a interactive login process. They can have the detailed view about the process, that is how a user can benefit from the site. At any time, the user can contact the site administrator.

The registered user has a vast functionality, firstly he has the feature to bid for the live auction.

The next feature that the registered user has is that he can buy the bids.

The next feature, he can set the autobidder.

The site administrator, can manage all the functionality through a secure login process.

  • Features Overview
  • Features Description
Basic Features
  • User Registration Module
  • Administrator Login Module
  • User Management Module
  • Payment Module
  • SEO Optimization & RSS Feeds
  • Membership Auctions
  • Placing Bids Module
  • CMS system Module
Basic Features of Penny Auctions Script
  • User Registration Module : A simple process for the user to register to the site, just by the username, email-address and the password.
  • User Login Module : A secure process to make the user login to the site, through a pop-up.
  • User Account/Dashboard Module : The registered users dashboard from where he can manage all his functionality.
  • Administrator Login Module : A secure process to make the administrator login to the site.
  • User Management Module : The administrator can add, edit the user details.
  • Membership Auctions : Users will buy membership instead of paying per bid which will allow them to bid unlimited times on all membership auctions with a time frame that could be number of hours or days.
  • Payment Module : The safe and secure, paypal integration module.
  • Content Management Module : The process by which the administrator can manage the static content of the site.
  • SEO Optimization & RSS Feeds : Proper meta tags, meta keywords and the meta description of the pages & the RSS feed consisting of the gigs.
  • Placing Bids Module : Through this the particular registered user can place the bids.
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