Customer Resource Management
  • View order status and tracking data
  • Customer History Tracker
  • Save cost and time
Customer Resource Management

CRM software covers very broad range including the capture, storage and analysis of customer information. Our CRM Software is a fully customizable web-enabled CRM application that provides simple and affordable contact management, sales force automation, issue tracking and lead tracking.

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PHPSHOPPY the web designing company offers superior CRM service. Our another crm services are crm software, crm solution, customer relationship management application, customer support software, help desk support software, service software and crm online services. Our CRM software solution includes the features to meet all of your CRM requirements in a single tool. This powerful CRM solution is designed to easily integrate data from your web site, external database and remote applications making CRM solution the perfect tool for managing and integrating your geographically dispersed force, customer support, marketing, engineering and manufacturing teams.Our CRM software is more than just software; it is a way of doing business. PHPSHOPPY’s CRM solution provides security and control to allow different individuals within your organization to view only the functional areas they require. With the capability to limit access to information based on roles and responsibilities information can only be viewed and/or modified by the individuals within your organization that have been given permission by you. And you can enable or disable specific features for each individual.Our customer relationship management application is great for contact and lead tracking, sales and contact management, sales pipeline management and forecasting. We provide CRM software solutions with powerful software features that you can use right now. Our customer relationship management application speeds up customer service with real-world features that make your jobs easier. With integrated email campaigns, call automation and tracking and group calendaring.Our help desk support software is a browser based and email management solution designed to streamline the operation of managing emails, support tickets and customer communications, with in -built tracking and response logging it is an ideal help desk support software for companies with one or more members of staff or for those who want to organize client communications. The key feature about our help desk support software are Complete email integration, Interaction log, Flexible categorization capability, Self-service customer portal and A user-friendly knowledge base.
Server Requirements

1. PHP 4.3.0 = (Scripting Language) - PHP 5 supported.

2. Linux / Unix (recommended) or Windows* hosting account required.

3. GD (Image Library) recommended.

4. MySQL 3.23 = (Database Server) - MySQL 5 supported.

5. ionCube Loaders (usually requires latest version of ionCube)

6. cURL support enabled

Other Requirements

These requirements are generally already installed on most web hosting servers.

1. Payment module.

2. PHP GD2 Library is required for Captcha and Image Resizing

3. mod_Rewrite is required for the script to write search engine friendly URLs.

ionCube Loader Information

An ionCube Loader file is required by PHP to read files encoded with the ionCube Encoder. In order to run these encoded files you must have the ionCube Loaders.

Loader Download:

Installation Instructions :

In most cases, installation simply requires uploading the required loader files. However, most web hosting companies already have the loaders installed or would be willing to install the loaders for you if needed.

1 : What benefits are in scope for the Customer Resource Management System?

Ans: The Customer Resource Management System gathers all the information needed for new and repeat claims for Income Support, Jobseekers' Allowance – both Income based and Contributions based, and Incapacity Benefit. These are referred to as the ‘primary benefits'. Where a customer makes a new or repeat claim for a primary benefit, information will also be gathered to support any claim for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Social Fund Crisis Loan Alignment to Benefit Payments and Child Support. These are referred to as ‘associated benefits'.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broad term that covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers, including the capture, storage and analysis of customer, vendor, partner, and internal process information.

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  • Features Overview
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Basic Features of CRM (Resources)
  • Programme Guide Line
  • Customer / Frontend Functionality
  • Administration / Backend Functionality
  • System Overview
  • IP banner in admin console
Key Features of CRM (Resources)
  • View order status and tracking data
  • Customer History Tracker in CRM solution
  • Targeted Emails in CRM support
  • Fully managed administration section.
  • Search your own knowledge base and FAQ's
Basic Features of CRM (Resources)
Basic Features of Affiliate Programme Software
  • Programme Guide Line
  • Completely automated and integrated way for customer and subscribers satisfaction.
  • Integration between marketing, sales and customer care departments is key to meeting customer satisfactions and expectations.
  • First, all interaction with your website is automatically tracked, including , downloads purchased, orders placing, emails readout , surveys, incentive points earned and much more.
  • All changes made by the customer online are tracked and stored for your administrator's account.
  • Next, your customer has full access to manage and view account settings, order history, customer service requests, shipping addresses and more.
  • PHPSHOPPY's CRM(Resources) allows you to configure and restrict specific numbers of IP Addresses from our IP Banning System.
  • The Customer Resource Management System integrates seamlessly with, allowing you to see complete customer history at a glance! in a printable report format.
Frontend Features
  • Your customers should be allowed more than one attempt to download a file they've purchased.
  • That's why the Dashboard provides a way for you to configure their Queries in the format they desire
  • After all, they might have had problems with their internet connection or even their computer itself.
  • Customer Information Center: - Easily create new, searchable fields to track any information for your customers.
Administration Panel
  • Track order history changes, customer address changes, account expirations features,
  • Customers Groups offer a convenient way to view segmented reporting based on various types of customer profiles.
  • Emails read and more - all with complete details on the administrator or system process that made the update.
System Overview
  • The system uses mysql supported database (including nearly all PHP hosting packages) to store and manage all user and reservation information.
  • Because of the availability of PHP, this system will run on any platform that meets the basic and necessary requirements.
Key Features of CRM (Resources)
Key Features
  • Empower your customers to help themselves by providing access to edit information,
  • View order status and tracking data
  • View customer service requests and responses, renew or upgrade memberships
  • Search your own knowledge base and FAQ's.
  • Give your customers access to view and update their information online
  • Provide your customers with a more efficient way to get support than simple email
  • Reward your most active customers by offering incentive points or gift certificates
  • Save cost and time by accessing all customer data in one display.
  • Fully Managed administration section
  • If you have multiple customer service representatives using the then you can restrict certain access permissions.
  • Customers can add new requests, view old requests, read replies and even re-open old requests
  • Customer History Tracker
  • Allow your customers to check and view past order status, re-print invoices and receipts
  • Create targeted emails to your customer & mailing list .
  • Includes promotions of new products and services or notify of changes in your policies, prices or shipping modules.
  • World-class service in a low cost and with highly efficient manner
  • CRM(Resources) just for $235 $165 USD $50.00 Each License (Fixed)
  • All PHPSHOPPY license holders must retain the "powered by" text at the footer(end of every page) as per the license agreement. Selecting this Private labeling option allows you to remove this "powered by" message for all purchased licenses. allows you to remove this "powered by" message for all purchased licenses.
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