Mobile Apps

  • Cross Paltform Development with mobility & security
  • Innovative & Secure mobile application
  • Providing rich user interface experience

The market is on the verge of a complete transformation. IT industry has seen a lot of changes during the last decade and is experiencing some of the biggest changes even now. Smartphones have taken over the market making personal computers and even laptops redundant. Therefore, a new need has arisen to make a product fit for smartphones to grab the larger chunk of the market.

Websites are still visited and will continue to remain in the future but a majority of the users have now diverted to the new form of internet applications, the Mobile Apps. Mobile applications or Apps are small software for smartphones that provide complete functionality of a website and even more. Apps can be installed on the smartphone, so the basic UI and functions of the product are on your device itself. This makes apps quite faster than the website. Apps have better security features and users are easily distinguishable making it easier for companies to serve them as per their behavior.

There are 3 major stores or download junctions for these apps namely Play Store for Android, iTunes app store for iOS and App Store for Microsoft. One can develop an app and upload it on these stores for users to download. User download and rate the app on its functionality and usability. A user can also comment as to what he thinks about the app.

Mobile App development has become a key task for business, be it banking or product sales. An app is generating more clients and users than anything else. With a large number of people now using smartphones and preferring them over other devices, it is important to have an app to provide your services to the user. One can hire mobile app developers from app development company or take any company’s services for the same.

Several companies provide the service of Android or iphone app development in economical price. The companies hire core app developers who can create and maintain an app whether it be on android or iOS. An app needs to be small in size yet be fast like a falcon to provide the user with a seamless experience. A developer needs to be creative and use the code base very smartly to create a good looking and a well-working app.

There are 2 major genres for apps development – Android and iOS. Android apps development requires building a .apk file. .apk is the extension for archived android apps. For iOS, .ipa extension is used. These archives are later installed on the mobile via installer of the phone.

Developing an app proves to be more advantageous to the business. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • User engagement can be increased with the help of apps as they provide more range for experimentation and innovation.
  • Pre-installed UI and elements make the app experience a faster one. A website is downloaded on a system each time it is refreshed. The app does not have such limitations.
  • Communication and identification of a user are easy. This helps to identify customer behavior which can help to improve product later on.

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